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How are Peer Coaches Chosen?
Peer Coaches are chosen for various reasons and qualities. Order the list of qualities in the snap bags with your team. We will publish our top 5 here.

1. Communicates well, listens to teachers

2. Ability to build trust with peers

3. Provides a safe risk taking environment, is non-threatening, non-judgemental and accepting. (Melissa, Simon, Katie)

Jo and Nicole
1. Can show teachers how to replace what they are doing with something better, not present technology as an add-on
2. Communicates well, listens to teachers
3. Someone who doesn't look down their nose at you and say, "Why can't you do that?"

Roles and Responsibilities of a Peer Coach
external image msword.png Peer Coaching Roles and Responsibilities.doc
Identify the roles and responsibilities that you may undertake as a Peer Coach.

The Coaching Cycle

Assess - The first stage in assisting a teacher develop and implement a project is to determine what their technology skills are, and what kinds of instructional strategies are they currently using. This information helps the coach and teacher to define a lesson or project the teacher can successfully implement, or to identify the kind of coaching, resources or skills the teacher might need to carry out the project.

Goals - Setting reasonable and realistic goals that are linked to the school’s educational goals and curricular standards is a critical first step toward establishing a solid coaching relationship and helping teachers integrate information and communication technology into their classroom activities.

Participants learn to use the Learning Activity Checklist to evaluate the strength of a proposed lesson, project, or unit. Working in teams, coaches use the checklist to assess the lesson design of a series of activities that are often implemented by classroom teachers. Coaches then learn to make suggestions for improvements. This part of the cycle depends on “best teaching practices” and coaches might provide learning activity models, resources, teaching technical skills, and other activities that help teachers prepare to implement technology-rich, engaging learning activities.

Implement Activities - Coaches often find that the teachers they work with benefit from seeing their coach model a technology rich lesson, or from team teaching a lesson or project with their coach. Coaches report that the coaching and collaboration skills they have developed in the Peer Coaching Program are essential to successful coaching.

Reflect, debrief
One of the strengths of peer coaching is that it provides for structured opportunities for reflection that help teachers improve their instruction. The Peer Coaching Program uses a variety of tools coaches can use in this process

Teacher and School Readiness
One of the questions about Peer Coaching is about knowing if your school or teacher are ready. How can the ePotential data and eLearning matrix guide you in this way?

The Puget Sound Centre came up with these findings.
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Digital Education - Making Change Happen provides a self assessment and planning tool for integrating ICT into the delivery of teaching and learning.
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School Agreement Plan
To assist you in preparing a proposal for your principal or leadership team you may like to look at the School Support Agreement and Peer Coaching Plan handouts.
external image msword.png School Agreement.doc
external image msword.png School Peer Coaching Plan.doc

Peer Coaching Models
Possible models could include -
ICT specialist model

Classroom Teacher Model

Librarian Model

What would they look like? How much time would be needed? How many coachees would you work with in 2008, 2009? Who would be the coachees? Where could you meet?

School Agreement Plan
To assist you in preparing a proposal for your principal or leadership team you may like to look at the School Support Agreement and Peer Coaching Plan handouts.
School Peer Coaching Plan.doc

School Agreement.doc