SESSION 4 - Friday 26th November

Review Session 3

  • School Agreement - progress to date
  • Communication strategies

Session 4.

We will:

  • Create a working definition of "effective lesson design."
  • Use this definition to coach each other in improvement of classroom lessons.
  • Learn about technology integration and coaching skills.

As a coach, you will provide instructional support to teachers as they learn how to enhance student learning by integrating technology. To do this, it is critical for you to be able to answer several questions:
  • What does it mean to enhance learning with ICT?
  • How can ICT be integrated into the curriculum to help achieve academic standards?
  • What are the principles of effective lesson design?

Helping Teachers Integrate ICT

Sometimes students' excitement about learning a new technology significantly increases their engagement in a learning activity. But increased engagement is not enough: ICT integration must add learning value. One of your tasks as a coach is to help your collaborating teacher(s) integrate ICT so that one or more of the following objectives is met:
  • Students gain access to information or points of view they could not readily find elsewhere.
  • Students investigate a concept in ways they could not without the ICT (for example, virtual dissection).
  • Students organize information to facilitate comparison, analysis, or synthesis.
  • Students use the same problem-solving tools adults use.
  • Instruction is differentiated to meet the needs of different learners.
  • Students collaborate with remote groups or subject-matter experts outside the classroom.
  • Students publish their work using the most appropriate tools for their audience.

Lesson Design - Cyber Safety

  • Kate Sykes - presentation of Cyber Safety lesson sequences.
  • Using Scavenger Hunt and Learning Activity Checklist critique the lessons you have seen.

Learning Activity Checklist.doc

  • Exploring the resources on Kate's wiki.

Looking at two lessons - What's for Lunch?

Lesson improvement question
Features in the original lesson
Improvements in the revised lesson
1. What is an authentic, engaging problem that students might address in doing this lesson?

2. What are the VELS and 21st Century Skills that students will work on?

3. What are the student steps and teacher directions needed to work through the problem situation posed by the lesson?

4. What are some ways that ICT can enhance teaching and learning throughout the lesson?

5. How will student success be measured against the selected standards?

Lesson Enhancement

  • Build a lesson from the resources
  • What lesson design tools will you use? e5?
  • Where will you build it? Ultranet?

Lesson Sharing

  • Share lessons with the group.